Hello, my name is Tom Radford!

I'm a young filmmaker & photographer in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

I've been messing around with cameras, taking both photos and videos, for ages - with an always expanding skill set in this field.

This website serves as a place for you to check out my video work and make inquiries about any photography, videography, and editing - I'm always keen to help!

Right now, I'm a BA motion picture student at the AFDA film school in Port Elizabeth.

Let's chat.

Just drop me a message:

[email protected] // 0747857007

Filmmaking is a huge passion of mine. I am constantly building up an extensive knowledge of editing/post-production software. I find it great to sit down after a good shoot, be it video or photos, and put a decent amount of effort into processing my footage into something that might be worth posting on Instagram or Sharing on Facebook :) 

I have a fair amount of experience in various creative applications.

Thanks for taking a look at my site!


- Tom